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Assam government has announced Arunodoi Scheme. Under this scheme State Government of Assam is going to provide financial assistance to the poor family. With the implementation of Assam Orunodoi Scheme, government will provide Rs. 830 as financial help to the poor farmer for nutrition and medical support. Today in this article we will share you complete information regarding Assam Arunodoi Scheme, eligibility criteria, application form and selection procedure. Also you will get step by step guidelines to get register and get financial assistance.

Health Minister hemanta Biswas Sharma held a Press Conference where is started a new scheme which named as arunodoi scheme. There are other important announcement made by Assam Health Minister Hemanta Biswas Sharma. Talking about new scheme launched by an Assam government, health Minister said that 17 lakh people will covered by arunodoi scheme and will get rs 830 given from October. This is a a great initiative that started by assam government.

About Assam Arunodoi Scheme

Arunodoi Scheme

As per government statement government is going to provide financial help to the poor families. And under this scheme government aims to cover 17 to 25 lakh poor families. Scheme launched by assam government, to help the poor families by providing them essential food items. State Government of Assam in to provide financial assistance rupees 830 per month. And this financial help provided to around 15 to 17 thousand families per Assembly Constituency. The beneficiary families under Orunodoi Scheme will get total benefit of 10 thousand rupees for a year for their nutritional and medical support.

This is a great news for all the family belong to poor category. Assam state government introduced Orunodoi scheme, this scheme aims launch to provide financial help to the legible families of Rs. 830. This financial help directly transfer to the bank account of beneficiary. Under Assam Arunodoi scheme priority given to those women to buy essential food items and medicine. Today in this article we will share their complete information for which you are able to get benefits.

The Assam government recently introduced arunodoi scheme from 02 October. Government aims to provide financial incentive to the 17 lakh families. This is great initiative that started by Assam government to provide financial incentive of Rs 830. And this financial incentive is directly shared by direct Bank to beneficiary account.

Overview of Arunodoi Scheme (Orunodoi)

Orunodoi scheme is a new initiative that started by Assam Government. Under Assam Orunodoi scheme will provide financial help of Rupees 830 per month through direct bank transfer. Arunodoi scheme provide its benefit to around 17 lakh families in the state. Beneficiary will get this financial help amount transfer to their bank account on first day of every month. Main objective to launch Orunodoi Scheme provide its benefit to the poor families women belonging to poor families.

  • Name of scheme – Arunodoi Scheme
  • State- Assam
  • Launched by – state government Assam
  • Benefits – Poor Families
  • Objective – 10 thousand Rupees (Per Annum)

There is a recent tweet made by chief minister of Assam himanta biswa Sarma. Government of Assam help decided to provide rupees 830 per month 17 lakh families under ambitious Orunodoi scheme. Selection of beneficiaries to start from 17 August 2020. They will receive the amount of first day of every month starting from October 2020.

Main Objective of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

Assam Arunodoi Scheme, today we will share you some important guidelines for implementation of Arunodoi Scheme in Assam. This scheme aims to empower the women of state to provide financial support to the economically vulnerable families. Government of Assam will provide monthly assistance to The Eligible beneficiaries for procuring medicine/pulse/sugar etc. Eligible beneficiaries are able to get benefits of the scheme through direct bank transfer (DBT).

  • Government of Assam has introduced Arunodoi Scheme to provide financial help to the poor families.
  • With the implementation of Arunodoi Scheme, full family will get help to improve their life and get sustainable income.
  • For the smooth implementation of orunodoi scheme government has earmarked a sum of as 280 Crore.
  • Under Arunodoi Scheme, government is going to provide rs 830 rupees to the poor families.

Assam Arunodoi Scheme Benefits

Assam government is going to provide benefits to all the poor families. In order to avail the benefits of skin applicant must be permanent resident of Assam state. Along with permanent residence proof income of applicant family for Arunodoi Scheme must be less than 2 lakh per annum. The priority under Arunodoi Scheme given to that applicant or families with and exceptionally abled nominated female,widowed/divorced/unmarried female/ separate female/. Specially abled household member candidates are selected for Arunodoi Scheme all poor household in the state whether they have been covered under NFSA or Not. This is a great initiative that started by Assam government to help the poor families.

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Selection of beneficiaries and key highlight

  • Selection of beneficiaries for the scheme will start from 17 August.
  • The applicant who have registered and applied for the scheme will get benefits on the first day of every month.
  • Support given by Government of Rs 830 rupees per month and annual 10000 rupees.
  • Assam government will send amount through direct bank transfer to the bank account of nominated woman of the family.

How to apply for Arunodoi Scheme?

If you’re looking for the application procedure, then let me clear one thing till now there is no announcement official announcement made by government for the application form and procedure. As soon as possible we get any information regarding Orunodoi Scheme. Then this will be updated here.

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Arunodoi Scheme FAQs

What is Arunodoi Scheme?

Ans- Orunodoi scheme, introduced by Assam government to provide financial help for Poor families.

How much amount provided under Orunodoi Scheme?

Ans- government is going to provide 8 30 rupees per month (10 thousand) annually.

How to apply for Orunodoi Scheme?

Ans- if you want to apply for orunodoi scheme then wait for official announcement.

Who are eligible for Orunodoi Scheme?

Ans- candidates are eligible for the scheme are mentioned above. Please check the disability criteria section.

Final words:– I hope you will get complete information about Orunodoi Scheme. For more updated information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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