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This article provide you complete information about new mobile Drone stacking contest. Also you will get information about how to share of 500000 battle points. So we start about how to participate in new state mobile drawn stacking contest.

This event will be live for the next 15 days from 2nd June to 16 june 2022. Information regarding new state mobile in a statement for the next 15 days we are hosting a drone stack event. This event organized in order to win a share of 500000 battle points.

New State Mobile Drone Stacking Contest

New State Mobile Drone Stacking Contest

There are many questions regarding new state mobile Drone contest. As per information provided by the game 100 responses at random that fulfill criteria of challenge awarded as 5000 battle points which will be rewarded by a game mail.

In order to become eligible and not to take part in this challenge player must provide screenshot of themselves stacking a crate. Also with their username in the #dronestack-submissions channel. The players must have to provide their user name as it appear on their game profile. Those players who wants to participate in the event must not change their nicknames before the event ends. If any player who changes their name in between the event they will be disqualified from the event. The players needs to submit entry in the channel #drone-submissions channel.

Quick Information:

Contest name new state mobile Drone talking contest
Starting Date 2nd June
Last date 16 June
Battle points 500,000
Mode Online
Official website 

How to participate in new state mobile drone stacking contest

There are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to participate in new state mobile drawn stacking contest.

  • First join official new state discord server
  • Direct link to join new state discord server given hair.
  • Click on the same link.
  • Then in the #dronestack- info channel and click the reaction corresponding to your current division and device.
  • Once you reacted with your role, channel called #dronestack-submissions will appear in order to submit your entry.
  • After that, #dronestack-info channel will provide you with a detailed guidelines how you can participate in giveaway.

How do I use my Drone in a new state?

This is a one of the most obvious question that asked how to use Drone store to buy items in pubg new state. To call and Ron in pubg new state the player needs to place an order using Drone credits. And choose a destination within a certain radius of the character.

What happens if opponent Shoot At The drone?

The loot carried by Drone will be loaded by the opponent if they Shoot At Drone ordered by you.

How to get a Drone in pubg new state?

If you want to use Drone in pubg new state then you need to follow below mentioned procedure.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Battleground Mobile India

  • Open the game and go to inventory section.
  • Now click on Drone icon.
  • A Drone store will appear on your screen.
  • All list of items will be displayed.
  • From the list click on search option
  • You need drone credits.
  • Place your order.
  • A map will be opened.
  • Mark destination point for the delivery.

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