[Telugu] Rythu Bheema Pathakam 2022 Farmer List: Apply Online, Status

You might be looking for telangana rythu bheema pathakam scheme 2022 application form. In this article, we will share complete information regarding ryhtu bheema scheme in telugu.

State Government of Telangana has recently introduce “Rythu Bheema Pathakam Scheme”. Telangana state government announced this scheme to help all the poor farmers in the state. In this article we will provide you eligibility criteria, claim form, document required and main objective of Rythu Bheema Pathakam In Telugu. Also you will get step by step guideline and simple procedure through which you are able to to claim the benefits under rythu bima pathakam.

Rythu Bheema Pathakam is a life insurance scheme to the farmers in telangana state. The farmers of age group 18 years to 59 years will get an insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh each. On Ts rythu bheema scheme government will going to spend 1000 Crore towards premium payment of the behalf of farmers. This means farmers premium will paid by government. For 05 lakh insurance amount premium of rs 2,271 per head. To know more about the scheme, read out the full article.

Rythu Bheema Pathakam Scheme

Telangana government has introduced a new scheme to help the farmers. Rythu Bheema scheme, government has allocated Rs. 1000 Crore as market intervention fund. Mr Harish Rao budget that union government has permitted the purchase of small quantity of red gram from the farmers. Telangana government has decided to spend any amount of money to purchase the entire produce the needy situation. In this article we will share you complete information regarding Rythu Bheema Scheme.

Rythu Bheema Pathakam

In the Telangana state the majority of farmers are small and marginal. And there are many source of income is farming, livelihood based on farming/agriculture. So keep this in mind, government has Tata innovative scheme which named as pharma group life insurance scheme (Rythu Bima) injective in agriculture sector. We all know that, telangana government various initiatives to support small and marginal farmers.

Why we need Rythu Beema in Telangana?

We all know that in Telangana state there are many small and marginal farmers, home income based upon farming. In Telangana state poor productivity and production level is not at that point due to to frequent occurrence of droughts, lesser technologies requirement it and poor investment capacity of farmers. This leads to lower the income level and social security of the farmers. These are some main reasons, government of Telangana has started Telangana Rythu Bheema Pathakam scheme In Telugu.

Rythu Bheema Pathakam

We all know that telangana government has taken where is a recommendable decision towards agriculture sector & farmers family. Government of Telangana implemented Pharma group Life Insurance Scheme (Rythu Bima). This scheme is a first kind in iterative that implemented for farmers. The farmer will get benefits of farmer good life insurance financially and social security to the family members.

Rythu Bheema Pathakam locked with a main objective to provide farmer group life insurance (rythu bima) to provide financial and social security to family members. In Telangana has introduced many welfare schemes for upliftment of state farmers. On this page we will share you complete information about ts rythu bima scheme.

Overview of Rythu Bima Pathakam

Name of SchemeRythu Bheema Pathakam
Launched byTelangana state government
Main objectiveensure the economic and social security to the farmers
Benefits provided tosmall and marginal farmers
Official websiteryhtubandu.telangana.gov.in

Main Objective of TS Rythu Bheema Pathakam scheme

There are some main objective, which leads to start this initiative –

  • Under the farmer group Life Insurance Scheme (Rythu Bima) to provide them financial relief and social security.
  • This leads to increase there income level and social security.
  • After the implementation of the scheme government aims to become them to self dependent.
  • Through which, if there is sudden loss of farmers life then their families become self dependent and can survive with their daily needs.
  • Telangana Rythu Bheema Pathakam scheme ensure the the financial security.

Telangana Rythu Bheema Pathakam scheme has been implemented with information technology and development of online portal by National Informatics centre. Most important part of the scheme, nominee is not required to approach any office for settlement of claim amount. The authorize officials at village level collect data from Revenue Department (in case loss farmers life) and this is submitted to LIC on the behalf of designated nominee of farmer. This amount directly transferred through RTGS into nominees account.

Rythu Bheema Scheme Latest Update

In case there is any death of an old farmer due to any cause including natural death the insured amount of 500000 deposited into designated nominee account within 10 days. And as mentioned above, there is no need of nominee to visit officers. Builders level officer visit to LIC department and amount will directly transfer to beneficiary account.

State Government of Telangana has released 1173.54 crore towards payment of Premium for farmers group Life Insurance Scheme (Rythu Bima). The insurance cover under this scheme would be for one year. Minister of agriculture singireddy niranjan Reddy thanked the chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for releasing the fund. He stated that state government had paid 1775.95 crore towards premium to Life Insurance Corporation India. Total 32,267 farmers who died of various reason during the last two years mostly in the LIC head paid 1613.35 crore as insurance claim at Rs. 05 Lakh each.

Eligibility criteria –

If you want to apply for the scheme application will have to follow the below legibility criteria –

  • The applicant must be permanent resident of Telangana state.
  • Eligible Candidate must be a farmer.
  • The Farmer must own some agriculture land.
  • Applicant who work on rental and are not eligible to avail the benefits.

(Payment Status) TS 1500 Rupees Status: Registration Online

Rythu Bheema Pathakam scheme 2022 Claim Form

If you want to download claim form of your insurance money after death of farmer, then you have to follow some simple procedure –

  • Firstly open the official website link given here.
  • On the home page you have to click on download claim form.
  • Download Telangana Rythu Bheema Pathakam Claim Form.
  • Submit the application form to your nearest village concern department.
  • After that, there is no need of nominee to visit any LIC office to get insurance money.
  • Most important part of Rythu Bheema Pathakam, village level officer I will take care of all procedure. II II and money will be directly transfer into your account within 10 days.

FAQs Rythu Bima Pathakam

What is Rythu Bheema Pathakam?

telangana government has started a new scheme, in which eligible farmer will get various benefits.

What are benefits under Rythu Bima Pathakam scheme?

Under the pharma group Life Insurance Scheme (Rythu Bima) financial leave and social security provided to to family member in case laws of farmers life.

What is the insurance value received after the farmers death?

this scheme ensure the financial security of farmer and their family, after the the death of an old farmer the insured amount of 500000 deposit into designated nominee account within 10 days.

How can I check Rythu Bima status?

Rythu Bima status available at official website with some simple steps.

Note:– I hope above information is helpful for you, in case have any query or question ask us in comment section. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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