[APPLY] Tamilnadu Advocate Monthly Allowance Scheme: (3000 Rupees) Form

Tamilnadu State government has announced a new scheme which named as Tamilnadu advocate monthly allowance scheme for lawyers. Scheme launched by chief minister of Tamilnadu. As per main objective of this scheme government will provide 3000 per month as a stipend to the young lawyers. In this article we will share you complete information about eligibility criteria, registration process, complete information.

Government of Tamilnadu has launched advocate monthly allowance scheme. Under which government is going to provide monthly allowed as to the advocates. This is a first ever kind initiative that started by Tamilnadu Government. For which will be paid during first two years of practice. If you want to know more about advocate monthly allowance scheme, then read this whole article till the end.

Tamilnadu advocate monthly allowance scheme

All the advocates who are practicing in Tamilnadu, registered with Tamilnadu bar council. They are eligible to apply for CM Young Advocates Monthly Allowance Scheme. Tamilnadu government is going to to invite online application registration facility for the Eligible lawyers.

  • Name of Scheme – Tamil Nadu Lawyers 3000 Monthly Allowance scheme
  • Main Objective – Monthly allowance to eligible advocates
  • State- tamil Nadu
  • Launched by – chief minister of Tamilnadu
  • Monthly allowance – Rs. 3000
  • Duration – for 02 Years of Practice

As be cleared in the above paragraph, tamilnadu State Government provide 3000 per month as typhoid to the young lawyers. This stipend given to eligible lawyer during for first two years of practice. Under this scheme, many lawyers who practicing, will get financial incentive through which they are able to take care of their basic needs during initial years.

Tamilnadu young advocate monthly allowance Scheme

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This is a main objective of of Tamil nadu advocate monthly allowance scheme 2020. Tamilnadu Government aims to to ensure the standard of advocate stay high and they can use this stipend for the basic needs during initial years of practice. This will ensure that Tamilnadu State will produce great advocates in future.

The bar council had submitted a memorandum in which the state that and urge to chief minister of Tamil Nadu to grant monthly stipend of 5,000 to newly enrolled junior lawyers. Asan demanding purchase scheme for Tamilnadu government to provide monthly allowance for 10 years.

TN (TamilNadu) Free Bicycle Scheme

How to apply for Tamilnadu Advocate Monthly Allowance 3000 Rupees Scheme?

Tamilnadu Advocate Monthly Allowance Scheme

All those advocates who are practicing in Tamilnadu and registered with Tamilnadu bar council available to get benefits. Booklet name also in the voter list of state are able to apply for cm and advocate monthly allowance. Young lawyer stipend online application form from the law department website. After the official announcement government invites online application form through the official portal on the law department website.

We all know that, laywers important role in our society and to maintain the justice system. We all know that for new and old young lawyer pic take 3 to 4 years to set up individual practice. And power laundry ruler areas it is very hard to even meet the daily expenses during starting days.

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