Get all the information about UK Youth Mobility Scheme 2022. This is a new update regarding immigration applicants on UK Youth Mobility visa. The Government of New Zealand and UK updated their youth mobility visa and working holidays scheme by 2024.

UK Youth Mobility Visa Scheme

UK Youth Mobility Scheme

New Zealand and UK recently came to an agreement. They are agreed to change aspects of youth youth mobility visa scheme and working holiday visa scheme. There are some revised guideline for both scheme in country. These countries will facilitate the migration process to encourage people to move from other either country to other.

UK Youth Mobility visa scheme 2022 Changes details

In the agreement there are following changes to the scheme in both countries.

  • These countries now extended the age for youth mobility visa from 18 to 35.
  • As we all know that later the age limit was 18 to 30 adding another 5 years to the scheme.
  • This decision taken in order to facilitate smooth migration process.
  • Also encouraging people to move from either country to other.
  • Additionally they have also extended the scheme to three years in both countries.
  • Also there is an extension to the length of time visa holders can work for 3 years.
  • For example visa holders can work for full duration of the visa.
  • New Zealand has introduced an cap of 15,000 places for UK nationals applying under working holiday scheme.
  • As we all know that New Zealand still has no cap.
  • This agreement and migration update schedule to be implement only in 2024.
  • And updates on its implementation will be provided in 2023.

UK Youth Mobility scheme 2022 For Indians

UK Youth Mobility visa scheme is a cultural exchange programme. Main objective to start this UK Youth Mobility visa as cultural exchange program at worker of certain Nationality is between 18 to 35 years. They can come to UK to live and work for two or three years.

Youth mobility visa requirement

There are some eligibility criteria for UK Youth eligibility criteria Mobility scheme.

  • The eligibility criteria for are under UK immigration rules.
  • Person at young age can apply for this type of uk visa.
  • This is a short term visa programme.

Nationality requirement:

The applicant must be a British Overseas citizen, are British Overseas territories citizen aur British national (overseas) or from selected 11 countries or territories which include: Australia, new Zealand, Canada, Monaco, San Marino, Iceland, Hong Kong, japan and South Korea, Taiwan and India.

Requirement of age: Age of an applicant above 18 is eligible for this visa programme. As the recent updates, announcement in July 2022, Boris Johnson confirm that youth mobility scheme would be extended to allow new Zealand nationals age between 18 to 35 years. The home office has stated more information on youth mobility and working holiday schemes will be released shortly.

Maintenance requirement:

  • Applicant must have at least £2530 cash saving either current or savings account.
  • We have to show this amount so they can support themselves in UK.
  • They will need to add the money available in their account or at least 28 days in a row.
  • Eligibility requirement.

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How to apply for youth mobility visa Scheme

A young person applying for entry clearance under youth mobility is a root apply online using specific form. Temporary work all youth mobility scheme any one who are seeking to come to uk under this root must have applied for an obtained entry clearance from UK visas and immigration before they arrive in UK.

  • Also the applicant has to pay their visa application fees.
  • they have to enroll their biometric information at an Overseas visa application centre.
  • The earliest an application can be submitted for youth mobility visa is 6 months prior to travel.
  • What decision should be made by UK Visa and immigration within 3 weeks.
  • It may be possible to pay for even faster decisions using one of priority service provided the services available in the country.
  • If application for a youth mobility visa is successful the young person will have 90 days to enter UK.

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