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UP population control bill draft pdf : If you want to download UP Population Control Bill Draft PDF Direct link available on same page. The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission on Friday published the first draft of the Population Control Bill. In this bill, there is a provision to exclude people with more than two children from the benefits of government schemes and those who follow the two child policy. UP State Law Commission chairman, Justice AN Mittal told India Today TV that the bill proposes to bar those violating the two-child policy from participating in local body elections or applying for posts in the government.

UP Population Control Bill Draft PDF

UP Population Control Bill Draft

The Bill limits ration card units to four. Government employees adhering to the two-child policy will be eligible for incentives like two additional increments while in service, subsidized purchase of a plot or house, reimbursement of utility charges and three percent increase in provident fund for employees. National Pension Scheme. Those with only one child would get four additional increments, free health care and education for a child up to the age of 20. Those who are not in government service but follow the two-child policy, the bill proposes to reimburse them on water and electricity bills, housing tax, mortgage loans. Mittal said the bill also promotes male sterilization and sterilization.

Mittal said the bill has been uploaded on the official website of the Law Commission of UP and is seeking suggestions from the public. The last date for submission of suggestions is July 19, 2021. Mittal also said that there will be no relaxation in the cases of polygamy and polyandry. Mittal said, “Those who are questioning this should know that the government cannot invest taxpayers’ money in them with more than two children.” The bill was published two days before the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government announced the new population policy for 2021-2030. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will unveil the policy on Sunday.

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Under the proposed population control challan in Uttar Pradesh, any couple who follows the two-child policy will receive government benefits, the chairman of the state law commission said. The Law Commission of Uttar Pradesh has published the first draft of the proposed Population, Stabilization and Welfare (Population, Stabilization and Welfare) in the public domain and invited public suggestions before 19 July. “The State Law Commission has proposed to regulate population and welfare. We have proposed that any couple following the two-child policy will be given all the benefits of the government.

About UP Population Control Bill 2022 Draft Pdf

UP Population Control Bill Draft

They will be given all the government welfare schemes,” Mittal said. The law’s chairman of the Lei Commission pointed out that the new bill has provisions for individuals, who have more than two children, to take advantage of government schemes. “If someone does not follow this policy, it will not be eligible for such schemes, their ration card will be limited to four units, they will not be able to request government jobs and if they are already government employees Mittal said, “It is not a promotion.” However, the chairman of the Law Committee said that following politics would be a voluntary exercise. “If a person voluntarily maintains the number of members of his family, he may Will be eligible for the schemes, we are planning to present the challan to the government for the second week of August.” The bill goes ahead for the next elections to the assembly in Uttar Pradesh

Population control bill proposed no government job for those with more than two kids. Yogi Adityanath government is expected to unveil first draught of uttar Pradesh population control stabilization and welfare act 2021. On the occasion of World Population Day, june 11 sunday government may announce population control bill. According to the government state total fertility rate 2.7% kundli where are you should ideally be less than 2.1%. Additional chief secretary health Amit Mohan Prasad that States Population Policy is being prepared after studying several reports including National family health survey.

UP Population Control Bill 2022

  • Two additional increment during the attack for this.
  • Accident was purchase of flowers for outside or build house for housing board of development authority.
  • Rebate on charges of utility such as water, electricity, house Tax etc.
  • Popular for construction for purchasing a house or nominal rates of interest.
  • Maternity benefits or leave of 16 months in full salary and allowance.
  • 3% increase in employer contribution fund under National pension.
  • Free Healthcare facility and insurance coverage to spouse.

Up population control bill pdf download

Following the Assam line last month

Assam’s chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, announced that his government would gradually introduce a two-child policy to take advantage of specific state-funded schemes. “Whether it is loan waiver or any other government scheme, we will gradually implement population policy for these schemes. The population norms will not be applicable to tea gardens, SC, ST communities but they will be applicable to all others who will benefit from the government in future as population policy has already started in Assam”, said CM Sharma .

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Uttar Pradesh

What are benefits of population control in Uttar Pradesh?

There are many benefits such as everyone will get benefits of state welfare schemes etc.

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