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Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Release date is available after the official announcement by Microsoft. And the expected launch date is very near. On this stage we will share you complete information regarding windows 11 iso direct download link. Also you will get information regarding windows 11 release date and system requirements. There are many who are searching for windows 11 release date.

There are some developers and enthusiasts app download and install a Windows 11 leaked build. And we have shared the expected window 11 system requirements. How to install Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit download?

There is an event that scheduled for 24 June their Microsoft will be talking about next generation of Windows. There is no information regarding windows 11 release date. There are many who are talking about and searching for windows 11 32/64 bit iso file download.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Release date

We all know that Microsoft has launched Windows 10 in 2015 year. There is no update regarding Microsoft Windows 11 release date 2021. And the announcement will be made in couple of days. On this page we will try to explain some important information window 11 download 32/64 bit.

Windows 11 ISO File Information table

Article nameWindows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Release date
Also GetWindows 11 Leaked News
Microsoft Event24 June 2021
Windows 11 RequirementsAvailable Below
Mandatory RequirementsAvailable Below
Mode of InstallationOnline/offline
official websitemicrosoft

Window 11 System Requirements

Talking about upgraded version of Windows11 some devices. Is it talk about minimum requirement to install Window 11 on your computer then you should require 2-core processor 4 GB RAM 64 GB internal storage Secure Boot TPM 2.0.

And post requirements or not of both problem to install windows 11 on computer. But Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 most difficult to achieve. If you don’t know about, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 then we will explain you complete information regarding your secure boot.

Is Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 mandatory for Windows 11 Install?

Secure Boot mandatory security standard since 2013. It is often a to verify the signature of each element of the good software. And this will include UEFI film wale drivers, EFI applications and operating system.

TPM 2.0

TPM an optional security standard but since 2016 version 2.5 window 10 computers. And this means that all the manufacturer who want to offer compatibility with recent Microsoft operating system including window 10 must include Secure Boot and TPM 2.0?

How to check If My Computer Has TPM 2.0?

This is the most question that asked regarding Windows 11 Release date. If you do not have all the requirements mentioned above Microsoft may prevent you from updating to windows 11.

Follow below mentioned steps to check tpm 2.0 on your computer

  • Press window + R to access run
  • In the Run type tpm.msc
  • and then press ok
  • the window will Show the tpm manager with information
  • In case system indicate that security module is not available then they still my last hope to install Window 11. APM may be disabled in UEFI BIOS. Can be activated from setup configuration of each computer.

Windows 11 File 32/64 Bit ISO File

There are many technology lovers who are looking for windows 11 iso File download. Let me clear one think updated version of Window is not released yet. As we mentioned you on June 24th some announcement will be made by microsoft. And this announcement may include release date of Window 11. After Official announcement and completion of windows 11 iso File 32/64 bit is available on official web portal of Microsoft.

The win11 ISO file will be provided free to the uses as per early prediction. And user will not have to pay any kind of charges for upgrading new version. Microsoft Windows 11 ISO file 64 download you can download full version free direct link provided here. Microsoft is going to organise an event for the announcement and Microsoft Windows 11 ISO file 64 Release date. Features and Technical information about regarding windows 11. We all know that this is the 11th edition of Microsoft which is going to updated after 10th version. There are many candidates who waiting for Microsoft Windows 11 ISO file 64 download link.

Window 11 Price Details

All know that there are many users who must be thinking about windows 11 free or paid and price details. We all know that there are many users who are currently running Windows 10 7 and Windows 8.1 in their systems. In no there is no exact information regarding window 11 for free for Microsoft or is there any paid system. Windows 11 for free will help Microsoft to bring some more user with latest version. This will also help users to manage security and remove old operating system from devices.

Windows 11 Feature

You will get below exciting features on Windows 11 such as:

  • New start menu and Taskbar with search.
  • On creation of new window you will get new animation.
  • Also a new way per multitask with Windows 11.
  • You are able to get improved touch controls.
  • Also on upgradation of Windows 11 you will get test you sounds.
  • Dark mode will be available and this will might allow some apps and setting pages.
  • On windows 11 ISO File 32/62 bit you will get rounded corners.
  • Refresh action Centre is also available.
  • New icons will be available.
  • There is a new way to manage virtual desktops.

Windows 11 System Requirements

  • 1.2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
  • OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
  • 2 GB RAM or more.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Approximately 15 GB of available hard disk space.

Windows 11 wallpaper free Download

There are many users, searching and waiting for Windows 11 wallpaper free Download. After official announcement new images for windows 11 text of wallpapers lock screen images and background for touch keypad. You will get multiple wallpapers and images with first one currently being the default.

Windows 11 Install On Laptop/PC

There are many candidates who must be looking for how to download and install windows 11. This is after when Microsoft is all about to announce Windows 11 on its launch event. Leaked window ISO file have every feature that you can expect from Microsoft. If we compare windows 11 to windows 10 then it has most refined look. And it will also introduce when you features like rounded corners, coloured icon, new wallpaper and many other exciting features.

You need to download Windows 11 ISO files. After completion of download you can install Windows 11. We all know that leaked windows 11 build is 64 bit ISO image. This means that you are not able to install Windows 11 on your existing window 10 32 bit. And please note that is ISO files of Windows 11 don’t come from official Microsoft. And there is a possibility that you might not get all the features. It might even make your computer unusable. So we are not you recommending to download windows 11 ISO file leaked Images.

Installing Windows 11 on PC laptop

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After creating a bootable USB drive you need to follow below mentioned steps to install Windows 11 on your computer.

  • First you have to restart your computer.
  • Then press boot key continuously.
  • The boot key is usually F8/F9/escape F12/F10/delete etc.
  • On the boot screen select boot from USB drive.
  • Or you can select USB hard drive option.
  • In the next step Windows 11 installation wizard will start on your screen.
  • You need to select language time and keyboard.
  • After that you have to click at next button.
  • Now in the next page click on install now option.
  • Click on I don’t have a product key then to the next page.
  • On the next screen you will have to click at custom option.
  • Now you have to enter and select partition select a partition where you want to install Window 11 and click on the next button.
  • Press and wait until window 11 finishes the installation process.
  • Once you complete you have to restart your PC.
  • After the restart you will see Windows 11 OOBE setup on your screen.
  • Once you complete window 11 will take a few minutes to make changes you have selected.
  • Now your windows 11 is live on your computer.

Official Website – Microsoft Link

FAQs at Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit
What is Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Release date?

Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit is going to release after the official announcement by Microsoft.

How to download windows 11 wallpapers?

You can download window 11 wallpaper as per above mentioned guidelines.

Can we get windows 11 wallpaper free download?

There is a possibility after the official announcement.

What is Windows 11 Price?

We have no exact information regarding the price and or upgraded version is free.

What are windows 11 system requirements?

Complete information regarding Windows 11 system requirements mentioned on same page.

Conclusion: I hope you will get complete information regarding Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Release date and download link. Information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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